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Heating water is very expensive as it requires a huge amount of energy. It is believed that 20% of domestic energy is used to heat water.  In most homes and businesses this energy is generated from fossil fuels – gas and oil.
But many people still heat their water using electricity which is the most expensive way to heat water.
Solar water heating systems are a great way to reduce energy costs associated with heating water. Rather than relying on fossil fuels, there is another option and that is to use solar energy. In the case of solar thermal panels, the sun’s energy is used to heat water which is stored in a hot water tank and drawn on when required. Usually there is an immersion heater or additional boiler for back-up which can heat the water to the temperature you want in the winter or provide additional water in the summer.

Advantages of Solar Water Heating 
You are using free energy! Solar energy is free and abundant
It is a renewable and clean energy source. 
These systems are easy to install and require very little maintenance. 
These systems have long life hence gives value for your investment.A solar water heater can wok trouble free for up-to 20 years.

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